Episode 33: Geek Herring & Chill: Upcoming Excitement, Host Updates, & Mental Health

Sometimes you need to just sit back, relax, and shoot the breeze. So rather than stick to one episode topic, we decided to go free and talk about anything and everything that comes to mind in the geeky world. From the upcoming pop culture we’re looking forward to, to what we’ve been up to, to mental health and gaming – time to grab a cuppa and join this friendly conversation.

In this episode, we reminisce about all the epic geeky things that have set 2019 alight (looking at you, Endgame and Game of Thrones!) while we mourn what the rest of the year will bring (…not that much).

Our casual chat meanders to what we’re up to, with Amanda revealing her latest writing pursuits, and Monika sharing how much more she’s embracing her geeky identity these days.

We also start talking about mental health and gaming, sharing some of our own personal experiences about both. Stay tuned for the standalone episode!

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Geekily yours,
Amanda & Monika

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