Episode 6: Geek Girl Community: Support, Sisterhood, and Friendship

There are few things like the Geek Girl Community. It can be one of the most supportive environments to be in online, whether you’re connecting through forums, in game, social media, or in person. This episode is dedicated to our lost geek girl sister, Cheryl Baker-Carre. Your fellow geek girls are thinking of you and your family <3

In this episode of Geek Herring:

  • Why making friends on the internet can literally save your life
  • What can cause some geek girls to reject others, especially newer geek girls
  • Why it’s important to be open to and nurture geeky friendships
  • How the geek girl community is especially awesome for trans people
  • Plus loads of real life examples from and shout outs to the geek girl community

If you’re able to donate to Cheryl’s GoFundMe, please do. Anything you can would be appreciated by the family.

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Geekily yours,
Amanda & Monika

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