Episode 66: Geek Discussion: Mental Health, Inner Voices, & Video Games


This week, we’re talking about our personal mental health journeys and how video games have helped us.

From using them as a very welcome distraction in our lives to actually processing our thoughts and problems while playing, video games are so much more than colourful videos.

We also go WAY off topic and talk about internal monologues and those weird people (cough*AMANDA*cough) who don’t really have them!? So what does she have? SONGS. Songs in her head all. the. time. And the only way she can actually process her thoughts is by writing/journalling about them, distracting her brain with something else, or talking about them out loud. COOL? WEIRD?

Monika also shares some of the tips and help her therapist has given her for coping and taking care of her mental health.

We think video games get a lot of shit for being addictive and harmful – and while we’re not denying that that CAN happen, it’s the minority. The benefits of playing far outweigh any harm: community and friendship, distraction when you really need it, healthy processing, and just plain FUN.

How do video games help you with your mental health? Let us know in the comments of wherever you see this episode!

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