Episode 28: Geek Interview: Feminism and Gender with Dr. Sol Haring

In this week’s episode of Geek Herring, we welcome a very special guest: Dr. Solveig “Sol” Haring. Sol is a scientist who focuses her videographic research on the interdisciplinary aspects of New Media, Ageing, and Gender. She teaches students at the University of Graz and Klagenfurt about Gender, Feminism, and more.

Sol states that everyone “performs” their gender every day and she further explains the scientific concept of “doing gender” which foundations lead back to Erving Goffman (1976).

During her 25 years in science, she came across a lot of different definitions of gender and feminism. Sol explains how different approaches in Germany, the United States, or the United Kingdom have influenced her personal views on the topic and how she developed them over the years.

We cover why it’s important to watch our language and how it builds our reality. Sol gives tips on how we can further implement feminism into our everyday lives.

Her approach to teaching and educating is always humour, which she states is something that needs to find it’s way back into feminism in order impact more people.

When Sol isn’t working as a self-employed researcher out of her old farmhouse in Carinthia or teaching students the necessity of feminism, she is playing in her queer-feminist country-rock-band Haring and the Trouts or she plays the bass and sings the blues whenever she has the chance.

Find Sol’s work on her website or on YouTube.
Listen to Haring and the Trouts on Soundcloud.

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Image Credits: Zackary Drucker | The Gender Spectrum Collection

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