Episode 18: Geek Characters: Final Fantasy Reveals Playable Viera Race

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO that has taken the manga world by storm. While the franchise has been around almost as long as video games have, the online realm has growing fanbase — and for good reason! Their latest addition of the Viera race has us raising our eyebrows, however.

It’s no secret that us Geek Herring hosts have been living in Eorzea nearly everyday since before Christmas 2018. The story is captivating, artwork beautiful, and more than anything, the community that has built up once we started playing is unbelievable. Playing an MMO with a group of like-minded, kind hearted, and fun friends makes all the difference.

It’s truly refreshing!

We have had a bit of shock and disagreement, however, over the recent inclusion of the Viera: a playable anthropomorphic bunny race. Released as a female only race and, in the promo video, shown wearing naught more than a negligee, we can’t help but question the sexualisation of the game.

Today, we’re talking about the history of the Viera, briefly looking back through Final Fantasy’s history. We look at some of the reasons why the Viera weren’t an original playable race in the game. We also get into the gender roles associated with the Viera, the Au Ra, and the Roegadyn races and ask that important question: WHY?!

Then we get critical about their appearance, the sexualisation and fetishism over anthropomorphic races within fantasy games… plus, you’ll hear Amanda say one of the filthiest things that has ever crossed her lips.

What do you think about the Viera? Will you play this super sexy bunny race? Do you think fetishism in video games exists?

In this episode:

  • What the Viera are and where they come from
  • Why there are no male Viera
  • What is actually up with the Au Ra
  • How we feel about gender roles and playable races in Final Fantasy XIV
  • What we really think about so-called slutmogs
  • Why we think anthropomorphic races are fetishsised, especially in Final Fantasy XIV
  • How we can combat these stereotypes and stigmas

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