Episode 31: Geek Discussion: Women in Game Development with Three Extra Lives

Female game developers are an important part of the game industry! Women have an active and substantial role in not just indie games, but AAA titles as well, including some extremely well-known games. We’re joined by Thom Knight from Three Extra Lives to take in some trivia before chatting about women in game dev.

First things first, as Thom is a trivia and indie game buff, he sets hosts Monika and Amanda a tough challenge. Do we know our female video game characters? The answer may surprise you! Or…. maybe it won’t. We’ll see!

Thom is the first male viewpoint coming on Geek Herring and is a feminist. He’s keen to share his voice and thoughts on what he perceives to be the issues facing female game developers.

He also talks about some of his favourite women in game development and the games they’ve created!

In this episode, we talked about:

What’s your favourite women led video game? We’d love if you shared it with us!

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