Episode 3: Geek Girl Stereotypes: How the World Sees Us

How many times have YOU, fellow geek girls, been accused of not playing games?! Or maybe you’ve checked out the #geekgirl hashtag on Instagram and been a bit… dismayed.

Let’s investigate these stereotypes and see how we, as geek girls and female identifying geeks, can start to change the stigma.

In this episode of Geek Herring, you’ll find out:

  • What the reality of being a geek girl in a male dominated culture really is
  • How stereotypes, especially negative ones, affect our identity
  • Where the phrase “geek girl” came from and how it’s adapted through the years
  • How the Gamer Girl rose to dominate the geek girl persona
  • What geek girls look like from the outside and how they actually are
  • How geek girls are represented in pop culture
  • How geek girls fit into the geek world at large

Resources and Links:

The Harsh Reality of Being a Female Nerd
13 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Nerdy Girl

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Monika & Amanda

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