Episode 74: Geeking Out About Animal Crossing: The CUTEST game you’ve played in years

If you’re living, breathing, and dreaming all things Animal Crossing – you are NOT alone. We’re all in this together. Playing with breakfast, sneaking in some island clean-up at lunchtime, and, obviously, crossing our fingers for tarantula island before bed. We’ve brought our resident Animal Crossing expert, Birte Kahrs, on to give us the low-down on how this game works and why we’re all addicted to it.

Don’t know Birte? You should! She’s a branding expert and graphic designer by day, newly unleashed video game geek by night. We’ve known Birte for 3 years and think she’s the bees knees. Oh – and during our Rapid Fire Round… she told us that we changed her life. So… NBD, right!? (Excuse us while we go sob in the corner.)

Birte shares with us what we need to know about how to build your dream island paradise. She directs us to Austin John Plays’ YouTube channel, too, because it’s full of all the information you would ever need to know about Animal Crossing. There is legit so much to this game, it’s kind of overwhelming. Buuuut overwhelming in a good way!

We also needed to talk about the crazy attention to detail that went into building this game. Every little thing was heavily considered. The thing we’re maybe most impressed by? How walking and running on different materials makes different sounds. Grass sounds different to stone which sounds different to carpet. And how it changes AGAIN when you take your shoes off and wander around barefoot.

As the newer player of the bunch, Amanda directed this episode by asking all the burning questions she had. Perhaps THE MOST important question of the bunch: Is it possible to master Animal Crossing when you don’t want additional content!??

Find out the answer in this episode of Geek Herring!

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