Episode 23: Geeking Out About Captain Marvel: Higher, Further, Faster, Feminist

You already know that Captain Marvel is the first female Marvel superhero to have a movie made about her, but do you know just how incredible the film has been for women in the industry? Geek Herring breaks it down for you, celebrating an almost exclusively female crew, exploring the strong friendships the franchise is built on, and even giving you a bit of a Captain Marvel history lesson.

What started out as full intentions to talk about every nuance and scene we loved about the film turned into so much more – in fact, we barely mentioned the actual film once!

But our love for Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, her creators, directors, and writing team are clear. The existence of this movie is more than just a female superhero in a leading role. We’re seeing a shift and new era of female dominance in action movies.

You get the added bonus in this episode of hearing Amanda give a bit of a background history about the Captain Marvel comics through the years, some pretty big mistakes the writers made in the early 80s, and the creation of a feminist icon.

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