Episode 32: Geeking Out About Game Of Thrones

Have you been glued to your TV everytime Game of Thrones is on? We DEFINITELY have. And now that the series is completely over, we feel we need to dig into what we thought of season 8.

Because love it or hate it, the HBO hit show has come to an end. Many fans are happy with the outcome, but even more are outraged. What side of the fence are you on?

Of course, Geek Herring hosts, Monika and Amanda, have some pretty strong opinions on how season 8 has wrapped up. And they’re talking about them – in full spoiler territory. So if you haven’t watched it yet (who are you?!) and don’t want to get spoiled (have you been staying off the internet all week!? Tell us your secrets!) – turn back now!

Want to know what we thought about:

  • Danaerys and Jon Snow’s relationship
  • The Battle of Wintefell
  • Who killed The Night King
  • Sansa and Tyrion’s touching crypt moment
  • Tyrion’s myriad of emotional scenes
  • Arya’s sex scene
  • Ser Brienne of Tarth
  • Brienne and Jamie
  • Jamie and Cersei
  • The razing of King’s Landing
  • Danaerys’ last moments
  • Drogon, the smartest dragon in the world… or the stupidest
  • The fate of the Starks
  • Bran the Broken
  • And sooooo much more

Then tune in to this episode of Geek Herring! Fair f-bomb warning in advance.

What did YOU think of season 8?

One thing we want to be very, very clear about: We adore Game of Thrones. And whether we were disappointed with story pacing or not, the actors have been absolutely incredible with totally faultless performances and deserve every bit of credit in the world. Same goes for most of the crew, especially the cinematography and costuming departments.

THANK YOU for 10 amazing years.

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Amanda & Monika

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Image: © Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

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