Episode 21: Geeking Out About Robin Hobb: Fantasy That Represents – LGBTQ+, Gender Roles, Classism, + More

Get your high fantasy on with Geek Herring as we talk all about our love and respect for Robin Hobb and her 16 book epic, The Realm of the Elderlings. The reasons we truly adore these books might surprise you: they’re full of gender bending characters, moral decisions, LGBTQ+ themes, and challenging stereotypes. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the books yet – the first 45 minutes of this saga of an episode are completely SPOILER FREE.

In this emotionally charged episode of Geek Herring, we’re getting down and critical with a fantasy series spanning more than two decades. With overarching themes of acceptance, representation, classism, racism, duty, and prejudice, Hobb has created a masterpiece that will challenge your beliefs.

Open up to this medieval fantasy world and experience the LGBTQ+ topics, strong, evolving, and gender bending characters, and all the awesome female role models you could ever want in a book.

After the 45 minute mark with a SUPER OBVIOUS SPOILER WARNING, we head into the nitty gritty of the plot. Hear Amanda get all super choked up, Monika get riled up over paternal duties, and both geek out over how much they love this story.

Have you read The Realm of the Elderlings books? If not – after listening to this show, are you definitely going to!? What do you think about the relationship between Fitz and the Fool?

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