Episode 52: Geek Milestone: Geek Herring Turns One!! What’s Next!?


Can you even believe that we’ve been at this for a whole year? It’s pretty crazy to think that we’re here. And not only are we here, we’re going from strength to strength, learning and growing every single day. So many awesome things have come out of this podcast in the last year and there’s so much to come. What’s coming!?

So first of all – THANK YOU – to every single person who has ever downloaded an episode of Geek Herring. To everyone who follows and chats with us on social media and Discord. And to everyone who’s ever supported us in any other capacity. You all make this the best thing for us to do, ever, and we love you so much! Literally wouldn’t be here without you <3 <3 YOU ROCK!

We’re really excited about how much we’ve accomplished with Geek Herring in the last year. We’ve tackled some really hard subjects (looking at you, Rape Day!), cried on the mic (hello, Robin Hobb!), and geeked out hard. Plus we’ve interviewed the RADDEST GUESTS EVER!

Now we’re saying hello to year two. So much excitement coming! A few highlights: round table discussions, exciting updates to Patreon, and even more awesome interviews in the works!

What was your favourite episode of Geek Herring in year one?
What do you want us to bring in year two?
Who should we interview? Let us know!

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Geekily yours,
Amanda & Monika

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