Episode 151: Geek Interview: Winning Gold Medals and Championing Diversity & Inclusion in eSports with Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose

Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose competed in the inaugural eSports championships at the 2022 Commonwealth Games and brought home GOLD for Northern Ireland. She joins us to talk about women in eSports, trans rights, her experience at the championships, and diversity & inclusion in eSports.

We’re so excited to have gold medal winner, Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose, on to talk about her recent experience competing at the Commonwealth Games! She talks about what it was like competing, her experience as a trans woman in eSports, diversity & inclusion in eSports, clapping back at the trolls, the future of eSports in Northern Ireland, and projections for inclusivity in eSports!… and SO MUCH MORE. You don’t want to miss this one!

Emma has also been invited to a few upcoming tournaments but has to pay her own way – she’s started a gofundme to help her make it there!


“Thumbs are thumbs.”

About Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose

Emma ‘Emzii’ Rose is an eFootball eSports player who plays for Northern Ireland. At the innagural eSports competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. held in Birmingham, she went and brought home a gold medal for Northern Ireland!! Emma is a transgender woman who is passionate about trans rights and eSports. She’s a champion for diversity and inclusion in eSports and promoting gender equality in eSports competitions.

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