Episode 0: Meet the Geeks

Hosts Monika and Amanda talk all about themselves, what they geek out over, and what they love about being geek chicks!

You’ll also discover what Geek Herring means and what this show is all about!

In this “get to know you” episode of Geek Herring, you’ll find out:

  • Who Monika and Amanda are and where they’re from
  • How long they’ve been geeks for
  • What their first geeky memory is
  • What their biggest geeky influences were
  • How they incorporate geekdom into their daily lives
  • Where they met
  • What Geek Herring means and what it stands for
  • Why they started this podcast and
  • What they hope to achieve from this podcast!

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Geekily Yours,
Monika & Amanda

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