Episode 37: Geek Herring Reviews You’re Never Weird on the Internet… Almost by Felicia Day

Love her or hate her, Felicia Day is, without question, Queen of the Geeks! This week on Geek Herring, we’re talking about her hilarious and insightful, yet neurotic, autobiography, You’re Never Weird on the Internet… Almost. Listen in to find out whether or not hosts Monika and Amanda enjoyed it!

Felicia Day was homeschooled by her mom and was encouraged to study the subjects that interested her. Raised with no real social interactions save her brother, Felicia forged her own way. She discovered the online RPG, Ultima, which began her lifelong obsession with games.

First known for her recurring appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Felicia has made a name for herself in the geek world. She’s also known for appearing in Supernatural as Charlie.

Felicia is taking geek culture by storm. She is the creator and writer of the first YouTube series, The Guild, and is currently creating beautiful geeky things with production company, Geek and Sundry. But life wasn’t without hardship for Felicia. Battling social anxiety, video game addiction, asshole Hollywood execs, and getting doxxed speaking out about Gamergate.

She writes about it ALL in her honest autobiography, which you can pick up:
Amazon USA
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
and at your local book shop =)

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