Episode 8: Geek Interviews: Video Game Music Composer Karina Pardus

The soundtracks that bring our video games to life are mindblowingly awesome and can be completely life-changing to listen to. Would it surprise you to learn that almost 90% of game music is written by men? Women, like today’s guest Karina Pardus from Coy Compositions, are challenging gender inequality in music composition.

In today’s episode, you’ll find out:

  • How Karina balances being a music composer while raising a geeky family
  • What the ratio of men to women in music production is
  • Why many women feel like outsiders when first starting in the video game industry
  • How we can challenge gender inequality in our careers
  • How you can get started composing music in the video game industry
  • What we can do to encourage young geek girls to pursue a passion for creating video game music

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Mentioned resources:

Women in Game Jobs
Women in Games International
Women’s Audio Mission
International Game Developers Association
GANG – Game Audio Network Guild
Utah Digital Entertainment Network

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