Episode 81: Geek Characters: Peach Please! Is Princess Peach an Inspiration or Irritation?

Voted number 48 in a list of video game’s hottest female characters, Princess Peach definitely evokes a LOT of feelings. Some good, some negative, and all definitely valid. We talk about what we actually think about Mario’s leading lady and uncover the sordid truth of her identity.

Did you know that Forbes lists Princess Peach in the top 10 richest video game characters with a fortune worth over $1 billion? That’s a lot of money! But how does someone who gets kidnapped on average once a week maintain that fortune?

And surely, with Peach making yet another list of video games most influential politicians, being away from the job so often HAS to have a detrimental effect on the Mushroom Kingdom.

Presenting our last piece of evidence, Wikipedia states that Princess Peach not only has a public relationship with Mario, she’s also friendly with Luigi. And Bowser Jr claims that she’s actually his mother.

We’re onto you, Peach.

Follow our investigation as we uncover the truth about Princess Peach. She’s not a damsel in distress at all! She’s a smart and manipulative woman who is actually a feminist genius.

We also talk about the more serious portrayal of Peach in the Mario games 😉

Let us know: Are you a Princess Peach lover or hater?

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