Episode 75: Geek Girl in the News: Cyberpunk 2077 championing Sex Workers Rights, Ezra Miller did WHAT?, & latest celeb crush Olivia Munn

Geek Girl in the News looks at the awesome or not so awesome news that will make you go either: “YAY” or “OMG I can’t believe that.”

The latest and greatest geek girl news from April 2020 covers the latest film release to get delayed, Ezra Miller literally choking out a fan, our newest celeb to stan, Olivia Munn, Land O’ Lakes changing their problematic logo (yay!), beloved author Jacqueline Wilson coming out, Cyberpunk 2077 is the game we love to love for yet ANOTHER reason, and, of course, it wouldn’t be a Geek Girl in the News without some adorable Animal Crossing news.

As sad as it is, Sony have released some expected news that Spider-Man is going to be delayed. We mean, it makes SENSE, because filming schedules are all up the left, eh!? So this is not completely unexpected news and honestly we’re waiting to hear what else is getting that push back.

And as if we needed another reason not to go see the next Fantastic Beasts, video footage has been released (and since release taken away) of Ezra Miller choking out a fan in Iceland. Totally unprecedented and really unprovoked attack that had to have the club bouncers literally pull them off a female fan. Um, yeah, this is NOT okay. Totally fucked up. We’re disappointed in this act.

But you know who we do 100% STAN!? Olivia Munn! She’s Hearthstone’s latest lover who’s on a quest to Legend (and reached it!). We might not 100% know who she is all the time, but honestly now we’re on a mission to binge everything Munn.

We’re also loving Land O’ Lakes new logo. Removing the cultural appropriation is a move we can absolutely get behind. We only wish they’d used this as a learning opportunity around WHY it’s such a problem to use Native American imagery to sell your not native products. Of course, the MAGA-loving crowd aren’t behind the move and are boycotting the company. Boo-hoo, see ya later.

Then we’re headed to British territory where we talk about the beloved author, Jaqueline Wilson, known for the Tracy Beaker series of books has publically come out. While she never considered herself “in the closet,” when celebs take a more vocal stand for LGBTQ+ issues, it helps normalise and grows acceptance. We’re also super excited for her new book, Love Frankie, due out in bookstores this August! Will you be getting it!??

Okay, honestly, is Cyberpunk 2077 and CD Projekt Red the best game and developer out there right now? We literally cannot with how much we’re loving how much wokeness is going into this game. The latest news? A gang led by a woman who pays her sex workers a legit wage and stands up for their protection. SEX WORKERS RIGHTS MATTER!!!

Last, but definitely not least, we’re getting all sorts of excited over Elijah Freaking Wood visiting someone’s island in Animal Crossing to sell some turnips. So wholesome. So good. We love this!! Hey Brie Larson, we sometimes get good turnip prices. Wanna come hang?

What’s your take on these news articles?

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In this episode of Geek Girl in the News, we covered these news stories:

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