Episode 162: Geeking Out About Geek Herring Productions!

We’re making changes over in Geek Herring land! We’re so proud to announce the creation and launch of Geek Herring Productions: our very own community-driven network of awesome shows and events.

Geek Herring Productions is a community-driven Twitch stream and Discord channel with talk shows, podcasts, TTRPGs, education, film nights, book clubs, workshops, games, and more. All from our amazing, inclusive community, for our epic community.

We already have two amazing shows confirmed on Geek Herring Productions.

WHAQ is a live-streamed talk show where hosts, Gemma & Liz, discuss queerness, its beauty and its challenges. WHAQ is all about good, educational discussions with some sass and sarcasm thrown in for good measure. Expect lots of curiosity from Liz (baby gay) and lots of real life experience from Gemma (gayer than they come, and has always known it), with a few segments such as ‘WHAQing Off’ where we chat about what’s grinding our rainbow gears, ‘WHAQ facts’ where we challenge each other to a big gay game of True or False and ‘Back in the Gay’ where we talk about prominent dates in queer history. Follow Gemma and Liz on Twitter and Liz on Twitch.

The Crowded Tavern is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast starting in January, live on Twitch, where Co-Dungeon Masters Martin Hoffmann Larsen and Amanda Sloan (yes, of Geek Herring fame, haha) are set to take you off on a fantastic world of magical and adventure. They’re casting NOW for four roles – so keep your eyes peeled. Find out more about The Crowded Tavern on their website and Twitter.

If you’re already following Geek Herring on Twitch or are in our Discord, you don’t need to do anything different – we’ve rebranded! But you are more than welcome to show Geek Herring Productions some love on Twitter and the brand-new YouTube channel!

We are actively accepting applications for your own cool show/event/whatever ideas – join us in Discord to find out how to apply!

So excited about this change, thanks for being awesome!

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