Episode 105: Geek Discussion: Why Geek Community Matters

The geek community that surrounds us is one of the best communities we’ve both EVER known, and we’ve had our fair share of incredible geeky loves over the years! This episode is dedicated to YOU. Just in time for American Thanksgiving, we are grateful for you, Geek Herringtons, and love you all so, so much.

In this episode, recorded back in July 2020, we talk about the importance of community, especially the geeky communities and the LGBTQIA+ communities we hold so dear to our hearts.

We gush about our love of Biggus Bennus and his welcoming, wonderful people. We share so much love about how the Harry Potter community changed both of our lives independtly of each other. And we cherish and celebrate the community we’re building here with Geek Herring.

Community and gratitude go hand in hand for us. Thank you to everyone that listens to Geek Herring, supports us on Twitch, follows us on social media, or has joined the Discord. You are the real MVPs!!

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