Episode 68: Geek Interview: Women in Warcraft Podcasting with Ali

Being a woman in podcasting can feel like a really isolating experience sometimes. But being part of the minority in a super open and welcoming community makes it so much easier. Ali from Dungeon Fables joins us to talk about being a woman in Warcraft, her time podcasting, being an awesome part of the Warcraft community!

Ali shares why she first started podcasting about Warcraft and what led her to take a very lore focussed approach. Dungeon Fables is a completely unique show because Ali looks at one dungeon per show, does days of research, and talks about the lore and background about it.

In fact, Ali says that between Dungeon Fables and the other two shows she co-hosts, All Things Azeroth and BlizzMates, she is working on Warcraft podcasting every single day. WHEW!

Ali’s podcast may be relatively new to the scene, but she’s been welcomed to the Warcraft community with open arms. Because if there’s one thing that community does, it’s be a friendly, happy, and open to new people bunch. FOR THE MOST PART.

Ali shares about some of the times she’s been objectified while playing World of Warcraft and what the experiences have meant to her. Thankfully, they’re few and far between, and being thirty-something years old now, these brushes with incels roll right off her shoulders. AMEN TO THAT!

And excitingly, Ali gives us some pretty accurate stats about the ratio of women to men in Warcraft podcasting – and the difference isn’t as shocking as you might think! AMAZING!

Have you listened to Dungeon Fables? Are you a woman wanting to get your podcast on? Let us know in the comments and how we can help!

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