Episode 56: Geek Interview: Warcraft, Roleplay, and Podcasting with Sil

It’s been a year since we’ve spoken with Sil, host of Warcraft podcast Whispers of War, and we’re so excited to catch up and see what she’s been up to this year!

The biggest thing going on for Sil is her growing podcast. She’s been having some of the coolest guests on the show who are all geeking out about their Warcraft experiences. And you know what? Everyone playing World of Warcraft has different thoughts and feelings about the game! But there is the overarching theme that they absolutely love it and can’t get enough of the MMO.

Sil’s also working on creating a go-to resource for roleplaying in Warcraft. Amanda’s recently started playing on a roleplay server and could definitely use some tips and tricks from a seasons RPer. Roleplaying in an MMO definitely brings a whole different element to the game – it’s so much more immersive and, dare we say, fun!?

Sil shares some of her experiences as one of the first female Warcraft podcasters, how she’s created and grown her super supportive community, and what makes Whispers of War so badass.

Oh, and just so you know, Sil and Whispers of War has recently joined Dragon Powered Studios, our podcast network! It’s so great that we can connect and chat with other awesome ladies hanging out in the dragonsphere. You rock, Sil! (PS, join our Discord here!

If roleplaying is in your future, make sure you get the World of Warcraft add-on Total RP 3 and create your character backstory!

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