Episode 49: Geeking Out About Disney+: Star Wars, Marvel, The Simpsons, & 90s Feminist Cartoons

Disney+ is coming and we couldn’t be more excited! What the heck is better than all that Marvel goodness, every Disney movie ever, The Simpsons, and more!?? Nothing, that’s what!

Even though it might feel like Disney is taking over the world, who are we to argue? With so many incredible shows, films, and parks, not to mention the awesome merchandise out there in the world, it would just be fighting a losing battle to fight it. So we’re not. Long live Disney!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s an online streaming service similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and all those awesome things. Naturally, Disney had to get on board the streaming services!
  • It’ll be released in 5 countries in November, 2019. Sadly, The UK and Europe (minus The Netherlands) are not included in those countries. ??? forever.
  • It’s going to cost as little as $6.99 for 4 different people to watch on one account. What a bargain! Netflix, who!?
  • And it’s going to be available on iOS, Android, Apple TV (which Amanda’s super excited about!), gaming consoles, and right on your internet browser.

What’s on it?

  • Everything Disney has ever made. That’s all the Disney films ever, Disney tv shows, including Disney channel originals, and who the heck knows what else!
  • Alllll the good Marvel content (except Deadpool ?). Films like Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame will ONLY be realeased on Disney+!
  • Star. Wars. Now that Disney owns Lucasfilm, they have exclusive rights to the films and are putting out a new series: The Mandalorian!
  • And with Disney’s recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox, who knows what’s going to be streaming. But we’re here for The Simpsons, that’s for sure.

Will YOU be subscribing to Disney+? It’s hard to think of a reason not to.

  • Super affordable
  • All that awesome content
  • And that’s it… that’s what we’ve got.

Let us know in the comments or on social media what show or movie you’re looking forward to streaming the most!

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