Episode 61: Geeking Out About Diversity & Representation in Pop Culture: Aladdin, MIB, Shazam!, & More!

There’s a subtle (sometimes) and encouraging movement happening in Hollywood and we are so here for it. From classics getting remade with strong and kick-ass women in the lead to biopics of famous gay men to disability and gender representation… hooo yeah! These changes are making the gentle waves that will lead to some damn diversity for a change!

Despite that fact that all the freaking incredible female directors were totally and rudely overlooked at the Golden Globes, we are getting a bit closer to some actual, honest to goodness, recognition and representation on the big screen.

Believe it or not, this episode started out as a Geek Girl in the News…. but we were having so much fun chatting about what was new in our lives – and for Amanda who flew 10 hours across the ocean – it was all sorts of movies!

HAVE YOU SEEN ALADDIN!??! Okay, so Amanda is like, a year late to this party, but she finally got to enjoy it and holy shit, what a game changer. We geek out about it and what it means for the future of not only Disney films, but strong female characters ligting up the big screen.

Then we talk about Men In Black: International and how Tessa Thompson SLAYED in it, alongside Chris Hemsworth, and the nods to taking down the patriarchy were REAL. And, after a lot of himming and hawing because WHAT was the last movie Amanda watched on that 10-hour? SHAZAM! was phenomenal. Representing disabilities, foster care, different sizes and races in such a POSITIVE LIGHT. Also what about those toxic masculinity vibes!?

We also talk about Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman helping normalise gay men in our households. Even though Freddie Mercury and Elton John have been household names for literal decades, it was always with that caveat – but he’s gay.

We’re LOVING all these films out right now are making positive waves for diversity and representation. As always, what happens in Hollywood will trickle into our households and start helping society make the changes we so desperately are ON BOARD FOR.

Tell us what movies are giving you LIFE in the comments of wherever you see this episode!

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