Episode 73: Geeking Out About Sex Education: It’s a Gen Z Miasma of Amazingness! And SEX.

Sex Education is the best show on Netflix right now. It has everything: sex, education, all the laughs, and talking about so many important issues that face our society. From bullying to fetish to coming out and MORE. So let’s get sexy with Sex Education!

Honestly, if you haven’t seen Sex Education yet, you really need to cancel all your other plans and just binge the heck out of it. It’s the best show we’ve watched lately!

Not only did we learn a lot about sex (and coming from us, that’s saying something! Hello the Sunday Night Sex Show (and find The Best of Talk Sex with Sue Johanson) and Bravo! We had some education growing up!)

So if we’re learning a lot of this sex stuff as thirty-something adults with a fair amount of knowledge, imagine how this show is impacting Generation Z? Especially with how the education system is demonising sex education and promoting abstinence-only sex (like hi, when does that EVER work!?).

Sex Education is doing what society and so many parents aren’t: Answering all those sex questions that teens (and adults) always wanted the answer to but didn’t know who or how to ask! Fetish, gay and lesbian sex, cross-dressing, intimacy issues, masterbation… seriously – name it, and Sex Education more than likely talks about it.

But, it’s not only about sex.

Sex Education talks about the harder issues society faces: bullying, sexual assault, growing up with drug addicted parents, family pressures, mental health, depression, emotional detachment, coming out, and so, so, so much more.

We can’t recommend this show enough and think everyone should watch it. Everyone 16+. But yes, everyone.

Let us know what YOU love about Sex Education in the comments of wherever you see this episode!

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