Episode 163: Geeking Out About Wakanda Forever: Just Incredible.

Wakanda Forever is finally out! And we are getting right into it this super spoilery episode – so please come back to this one if you haven’t seen Wakanda Forever and are worried about spoilers!

Mild Spoilers Below!

We talk about the overarching theme of grief that permeates this film. Shuri, Namor, and Ramonda all embody different expressions of grief. We talk about revenge and anger and how these emotions are also ways that grief can manifest.

But this movie isn’t all sadness – though you definitely want to bring tissues because man, what a fucking cryfest, seriously!!

There is also SO MUCH Black Girl Power in this. Honestly just these women out here absolutely wiping the floor with their excellence, intelligence, and casual badassery.

We also love the change the MCU made to Namor/(originally The Submariner) – Did you know he’s one of the very first Marvel characters, having been introduced in the comics in 1939?? While they’ve kept some original aspects – his cute af ankle wings – and took some creative liberties with them (they fucking FLAP, yo), they’ve changed his origin story to be from Mesoamerica and this change ROCKS. We love the stories told, the history and oppression in this storyline. It’s a hard watch, at times, but these stories need to be told how they actually were.

No White Saviours!

For the rest of our thoughts, definitely tune in to this episode!

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