Episode 173: Geek Interview with Clarkisha Kent: Chatting All Things Fat Off, Fat On

Clarkisha Kent joins us to discuss her brand new book, Fat Off, Fat On: A Bit Bitch Manifesto. We had the pleasure of reading this book before its release, and it was really cool getting to chat with her about her writing and creative process.

CW for childhood and family trauma, which is a big topic in her memoir. We briefly discuss family dynamics and trauma in this episode, too.

Clarkisha shares her writing process, how she came to write her memoir before the western she’s dreaming of, and what it’s like being a first-time published author.

About Clarkisha Kent

Clarkisha Kent is a Nigerian-American writer, culture critic, former columnist, and author. Committed to telling inclusive stories via unique viewpoints from nigh-infancy, she is fascinated with using storytelling and cultural criticism not as a way to “overcome” or “transcend” her unique identities (as a fat and queer Black African woman), but as a way to explore them, celebrate them, affirm them, and most importantly, normalize them and make the world safe enough for people who share them to exist.

Fat Off, Fat On: A Big Bitch Manifesto on Goodreads

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