Episode 132: Geek Girl in the News: May 2021

Geek Girl in the News looks at the awesome or not so awesome news that will make you go either: “YAY” or “OMG I can’t believe that.”

The latest and greatest geek girl news from May 2021 covers Gen Z being badass, celebrity struggles with mental health, snowflake gamers and the male gaze, an update on the Rosario Dawson anti-trans lawsuit, and some good news from Twitch!

We start by celebrating the incredibly talented Madisen Cordell who won an Amazon scholorship to pursue computer science…. after starting to learn it only last summer! This story is so wholesome and inspiring; Madisen, you’ll go so far!! Congratulations!

Then we’re talking about the newest grrl riot punk band: The Linda Lindas. These tweens took a racist, sexist comment from a boy in their class and wrote the literal baddest assiest song about it. Ever. RACIST SEXIST BOY!!! We stan you, Linda Lindas!! Keep it coming!

Next, we’re talking about Naomi Osaka’s statement and eventual withdrawal from the French Open due to her mental health. She decided it was in the interest of her mental health not to participate in post-tournament interviews, but the archaic tennis federation rules deemed it appropriate to issue a $15k fine. Seriously? Mental health before all else! We’re proud of you, Naomi! And hope you kick collaborative ass in changing the rules!

And it’s not just women who are opening up about their mental health problems. Even male celebrity faves like Ryan Reynolds who seemingly have it ALL can and do struggle with mental health issues. It’s so, so, so important for straight, cis, white men to open up about their mental health issues in order to combat the stigma of mental health. Thank you, Ryan!

Then we have a bit of a laugh about the absolute snowflake of a gamer who decided that Aloy, in the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, looks too masculine. Um, fuck away off and get in the sea!

With an update to a past geek girl in the news episode, courts have dismissed the anti-trans assault lawsuit against Rosario Dawson. This is really a lose-lose situation. Either accusor Dedrek Finley is lying and caused some irreparable damage to Dawson’s career and the validity of anti-trans assault, or Dawson is lying and used her fame and finances to make the situation go away. Well fuck.

But in some excellent news, Twitch has finally – finally – given us 350 new identity tags on the gaming platform! The long-anticipated trans tag is here! And along with it are tags about sexuality, gender, race, nationality, disability, and more. THANK YOU TWITCH. And maybe in some even more unprecedented updates… Twitch apologised for getting this wrong, stating that they really should have done this sooner.

What do YOU think about these news stories? We’d love your take! Let us know in the comments of wherever you see this episode!

In this episode of Geek Girl in the News, we covered these news stories:

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