Episode 116: Geek Interview: Gender Identity and Fluidity with Frazley and Sascz of Translucidity

This episode is so personal and emotional with both Sascz and Frazley sharing their experiences in transitioning away from their assigned genders at birth. It hasn’t been an easy journey with both our guests talking of the emotional and hurtful experiences they’ve both had.

About Translucidity

Frazley and Sascz started the podcast Translucidity to talk about all their experiences as transgender people. The podcast is for everyone to learn more about trans issues affecting them and the larger population.

Please note, that at the time of recording this episode, Frazley identified as non-binary. But, as gender and sexuality are totally fluid, Frazley recently came out as a trans woman with she/her pronouns. We love you, Frazley!

About Gender Identity and Fluidity

Sascz and Frazley bring up:

  • when they knew they were trans
  • navigating coming out
  • how gender and sexuality is fluid
  • how they feel now that they’ve transitioned away from their assigned gender at birth

This conversation is so important and empowering. Thank you to both Sascz and Frazley for being so open with us and our audience.

We finish this with: Trans rights are human rights. Trans men are men. Trans women are women. Got it? Okay, good.

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