Episode 40: Geek Herring Reviews Period. End of Sentence.

Period. End of Sentence. Is a documentary about living in rural India where stigma surrounding women’s periods still exists. It’s a recent Oscar winner, which is how it came onto our radar, and we knew we had to talk about it. In this episode, we share our reactions and whether or not we recommend it!

Period. End of Sentence. is available on Netflix worldwide. It’s a short documentary directed by Rayka Zehtabchi who travelled to India to film and interview local rural women.

It’s an incredible story of stigma, oppression, resilience, and perseverance. Period.follows a group of women who are ashamed of their menstrual cycle, many even leaving school because they don’t have adequate sanitary products.

These women are introduced to a new machine that let’s them produce low-cost sanitary pads. We see an incredible transformation in these women as they start their own independent business, earning their own money, and in turn respect, in their society.

What else did we think about it? Tune in to the episode to find out!

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