Episode 135: Geek Girl Reviews Shadow and Bone: Into the Grishaverse with Vicky Brewster

Shadow and Bone is the latest YA high fantasy show taking Netflix by storm. We’re joined by Grishaverse addict Vicky Brewster to talk about what we loved – and didn’t so much love – from our first foray into this universe.

About Vicky Brewster

Vicky Brewster is a freelance editor, founder of Books Outside the Box (a spooky and speculative book subscription service), founder of The Writing Haunt horror writing retreat, and a PhD student. She’s wearing lots of fantastical hats and it’s awesome!

Based on the books by Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone season one is out now on Netflix.

If you haven’t seen Shadow and Bone or read the books and are wary of spoilers: HERE IS YOUR SPOILER WARNING. This episode is NOT spoiler free!

We talk about what we love about the show (mainly our love of Jesper and Inej) and what we don’t love so much – too much -yawn- lovey dovey stuff!

Vicky is our pocket expert into all things Grisha and we’re so grateful for her guiding us through this episode and answering all our burning questions. It’s great to have an expert on the team! 😉

Here’s Thom (from Three Extra Lives) take on the whole show – it basically sums it up!

I really enjoyed how this show started – the fold and the mystery behind, how it’s been used for political gain however we never really get to learn much about it. There feels like a lot of forced romance, (like the witch and the fedyor being an big example) Like how the f are you in love after one episode, and the story overall is very predictable, however I really like the cast and still very much intrigued about the story. I’m at such a dilemma with this show because I don’t think I could recommend it to anyone, however at the same time I’ll be excited to check out season 2 to see if they get to flesh this world out some more!

Thanks, Thom, for putting into words how we feel about this show. WE NEED MORE STORY!

Bring on Season 2 for the continuation and all the other awesome stuff.

Here’s the Apple Podcasts link to the Shadow and Bones Netflix podcast Vicky mentions!

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