Episode 117: Geek Girl Reviews: Wonder Woman 1984…. Because -Someone- Has To

Like most geeks around the world, we were uber hyped for Wonder Woman 1984 to FINALLY come out. But now that it’s out and we’ve wasted our time watching it… we wish it had stayed unreleased forever. How can one film make you feel so disappointed!?

Here’s your spoiler warning: Basically spoilers throughout this entire episode which is really just one big long rant. Because how can you talk about one of, if not the WORST, superhero movies ever made without hitting into spoiler territory for the whole thing? Ya can’t.

In this ode to a shit movie, we really do our best to make the rant humourous (totally unintentional) and think this might be the most entertaining 50 minutes of your entire week. You are WELCOME.

The best part of the movie is, very literally, the beginning with young Diana. 11 minutes of greatness. And then… it just goes downhill. All the fucking way downhill until it’s rolling around in the mud and getting stuck and can’t get it’s footing back.

So what’s wrong with it? In short:

  • Female characters being reduced to appearance, hero worshipping, changing themselves to be someone they’re not. GROSS. We are TIRED of this narrative!! Especially in what’s supposed to be a superhero movie full of female empowerment.

  • Diana being reduced to a love-sick puppy. The entire theme with Steve is dis-gust-ing and not at ALL the Wonder Woman we’ve come to know and love, especially after her first movie! We for real-real are not down with this storyline!

  • The Dream Stone just doesn’t make sense and how the heck does Max Lord know all about it when two highly intelligent women and scientists and researchers had never heard of it. Let’s just leave that there, okay? This makes NO SENSE.

  • Steve posessing some RANDOM AF dude, who doesn’t even get a name, and does allll the sex with Diana. Um, hello?? Bodily consent??! Absolutely not okay with this scenario.

  • Okay now they’re in Egypt following the cheesiest scene in the history of cheesy scenes. Also, 1940’s fighter pilot Steve now knows how to fly 1980’s aircraft with NO PROBLEM AT ALL. Okay thennnnn.

  • Gal Gadot’s questionable AF heroic save of Egyptian children being “coincidentally” parallel to some Israeli bombinb of the Gaza Strip. GROSS. NOT OKAY.

  • Barbara – Cheetah – the ACTUAL villain is basically just a sidekick to Max Lord. She’s not living up to her full potential and it’s disappointing AF.

Okay so you can see where we’re going with this, right!?

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“The least superhero move and least empowering move I’ve ever seen in a movie about empowering women in their own choices.” – Moni
“As if the timeline is the fucking problem in this movie, let’s be honest.” – Moni

“Women are craving nice representation. Women are craving superheroes for them. And then we get THIS freaking bullshit.” – Moni

“Make better choices than Wonder Woman 1984!” – Amanda

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