Episode 69: Geeking Out in Times of Crisis: Rise of the Geek

COVID-19. It’s what’s on everyone’s minds right now. Because this pandemic that’s sweeping the world is impacting everyone. Whether you’re staying indoors, business as usual, freaking out, or that asshole who thinks none of these regulations applies to them – you’re bound to be experiencing some kind of change.

On this episode of Geek Herring, we’re talking about the current (as of Monday March 16th, 2020) government response to Coronavirus is and how it’s impacting lives around the world.

While there’s some people out there who are not taking it seriously, there’s a bigger majority of people who are. We like to call them the saviours of the planet and her people! Just decided that right now.

How are you helping or stepping up in this time of crisis? Or maybe you’re taking a step back because it all feels overwhelming and too much? That’s okay, too! Honestly, however you’re handling quarantine of whatever kind you’re in is the right way for you to handle it.

One thing we’re doing is playing more games with the Dragon Powered Studio crew! Want to play some too? Come hang out on our Discord channel!

Some other things we’re cooking up? A Geek Herring Twitch channel where we’ll be doing Twitch Sings. You don’t want to miss this, so give us a follow!

We also go through and list a whole load of geeky activities you can get up to while under quarantine.

Share with us in the comments of wherever you see this episode whatever you need to share right now. We got you, fam!

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