Episode 165: Geek Discussion: Jennifer Lawrence and The Women of Action Movies

Jennifer Lawrence made some pretty controversial comments about women in action movies. Mainly – that she paved the way since no one had ever cast a woman as the lead in an action movie before. While she’s factually incorrect, let’s unpack the truth behind her statement!

We get super into this, but in essence: while many action stars came before Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games (Sigourney Weaver, Sarah Conner, Charlie’s Angels, Angelina Jolie… the list goes on and on), her role started a revolution.

The Hunger Games was a masterpiece that started a whole new genre of women in dystopian action films, mainly geared towards a YA audience.

So, while we totally acknowledge that her comments were factually inaccurate, they are also kind of true. Also, we just think Jennifer Lawrence is the BEST, please let celebrities make blunders, we don’t need to drag everyone. Especially since she clarified her statement in a further interview.

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