Episode 110: Geek Discussion: Fit is a Feminist Issue with Geek Girl Strong, Robyn Warren

Loving the skin you’re in is SO important! We strong believe this, which is why we’ve made it our topic for January 2021. We’re joined by Robyn Warren, founder of Geek Girl Strong, to talk about the intersection of fitness, geek culture, and intersectional feminism. This is such an important conversation and one that we ALL need to hear!!

About Robyn Warren

Robyn Warren is a geek, feminist, Physical/Health Educator (B.S./M.S. Ed), NY State certified teacher, Accredited Xpert Pole Instructor, and American Council on Exercise certified Health Coach living in New York City.

After teaching Health and Physical education in the New York City Department of Education public school system for 5 years, she realized that she wanted to live her entire life (not just in the classroom) as an example of better health.

In this example, Robyn knew that it was time to offer an approach different from what was already available to the masses. She began by founding clubs and councils at the school where she worked. There was the school dance team, the School Wellness Council, and Grrrl Alliance. By expanding my reach outside of the school building with efforts to support Grrrl Alliance in its mission Robyn realized that anything in her thought bubble could manifest itself.

Following her time as a school teacher, Robyn became a clinical Family Planning Health Educator and continued to build Geek Girl Strong.

GGS is her brainchild, bringing all that she has worked on and towards together: overall wellness, community empowerment, and her geeky interests.

Robyn believes that no one should have to choose between being the athlete and the nerd.

About Fit is a Feminist Issue

Happy New Year, geek friends! We’re starting off 2021 with a bang, talking to Robyn Warren, founder of Geek Girl Strong, about why fitness is a feminst issue and how you can be both geeky and athletic!

This is a SUPER important topic, especially for us geek girls, as there is so much info out there telling that we can’t be both geeky and into fitness. That as geeky women, we have a stereotype to uphold and unfortunately, looking after our health isn’t it.

We’re here, at the start of LOVING THE BODY YOU’RE IN MONTH, to say that you can be BOTH. You can LOVE video games, pop culture, Marvel, DC, any other fandoms and geeky shit out there and STILL want to move your body in ways that feel good.

What we loved about this conversation with Robyn is how she doesn’t tell you that you have to work out for an hour every day and completely transform your body in order to be fit. NO! Robyn is all about making fitness and health work for YOU, meeting you where YOUR lifestyle is.

This approach to fitness is SO NEEDED, SO NECESSARY, and SO LACKING in our community (and outside – like, the larger fitness community is pretty stressful at times!).

THANK YOU, Robyn, for this amazing conversation. It is SO appreciated!

Please do yourself a favour and connect with Robyn on any and all platforms – promise you won’t regret it! Plus, if you follow her on Instagram, you can see how siiiiiick her pole-dancing is!

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