Episode 79: Geek Interview: Life as a Professional Feminist with Virginia Mendez from The Feminist Shop

You’ve heard us fangirl about the website and what it stands for. Now, we’re absolutely freaking JAZZED to welcome Virginia Mendez, co-founder of The Feminist Shop, onto Geek Herring to talk all things feminism and being a professional feminist!

Believe it or not, Virginia hasn’t always identified as a feminist. Shocking, we know! But after a stimulating discussion with her father-in-law, believe it or not, who told her that all her ideals were that of a feminist, Virginia started to take the movement seriously.

And devote her life to raising feminist kids in an equal household, writing feminist childrens books, and starting her own hub for all things feminism.

Honestly, Virginia lives and breaths equality and we couldn’t be happier to have this conversation with her!

We talked about modern feminism, how the next generation of feminists are going to make incredible waves, what role gender plays in the movement, what it’s like nning your own feminist business with your husband, and so, so, SO much more!

This episode was an absolute joy to record and we would LOVE to hear what you think about it! Let us know in the comments of WHEREVER you see this episode! And make sure to check out The Feminist Shop for yourself!!

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