Episode 82: Geek Interview: Plus Size Nerding it up with Nancy Basile!

For years, being plus size and nerdy has been linked to being unpopular and super uncool. Not anymore, friends! We are joined by the Plus Size Nerd herself, the wonderful Nancy Basile, to talk about reclaiming these words and honouring her nerdity.

Nancy started Plus Size Nerd to help other women get ideas for great-looking nerd clothes that make them feel good about themselves. She also wanted to create a community where women could come together and feel like they fit in. (Which can be hard when you’re plus size and a nerd.)

On this episode of Geek Herring, we get down with our geeky selves and dive into what it’s like being a plus size nerd.

From being unable to find the perfect nerd clothes in plus sizes to the body positivity at any size community, this episode is an awesome one we think you’ll enjoy!

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