Episode 94: Geek Discussion: Naked on the [Twitch] Set!

To clothe or not to clothe, that is the question. There’s been such a conversation lately about whether some female streamers are only gaining popularity because of the amount of clothes they’re wearing or not. In this episode, we attempt to answer the question and give our personal views!

First… we sent out a request the day we recorded this episode on Twitter that just said: SEND NUDES. Guess what? We didn’t get ONE NUDE DMd to us. How rude! (But also, THANKS FOR NOT SHOWING US YOUR DICKS!)

While we do have slightly differing personal opinions on how we view streamers who wear less clothing, the ultimate point is that so long as what someone’s wearing isn’t against Twitch’s ToS, then it’s fair game.

Amanda doesn’t have a big problem with it. Unless someone is wearing less clothes because they feel like they’re expected to (because that’s way uncool) or they’re feeling peer pressured into showing off their body (because that’s even way more uncool!), freedom of expression can be really empowering.

Of course, there’s also the argument that because women are, historically, less welcome in geek and gaming culture, is there an underlying feeling like showing off the goods will lead to more acceptance? Whether this is conscious or not… definitely something to think about.

Monika is more conservative when it comes to her approach to showing some skin on Twitch. She believes that women shouldn’t feel like they have to, but that wearing something more revealing might garner more views, especially from the male gaze.

We wonder what the Twitch ToS has to say about male nudity? Because we are firmly of the belief that if a woman is banned on Twitch for showing her nipple(s), a man should be, too. It’s all about that equality.

This is a big conversation and we would LOVE to hear what you have to say! Let us know in the comments of wherever you see this episode!

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