Episode 62: Geek Holidays: Monika’s Grinch is Melting!

The holiday season is upon us again! And while we don’t have a hilarious Hallmark bot script to make you ROFLMAO, we hope you bring you enough laughs to get you through our 4 week break!

In this episode, we reminisce about our favourite holiday movies – HELLO RUDOLPH AND FROSTY!, help transform Monika into less of a Grinch (she’s actually bought a Christmas tree this year!), and get excited about all the geeky things we hope we’ll find under our trees.

Really, you’ll have to listen to our annual holiday episode to find out what we’re up to this season and what goals we’re setting for the New Year!


Tell us what you’ve got going on for the holidays.
Do you have some leet goals for 2020?

Drop us your deets in the comments of wherever you see this episode.

Remember, we’re going on a 4 week break after this episode, but we are coming back with one hell of a bang!!!

Happy Holidays and Merry New Year from Geek Herring! Love you all!

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Geekily yours,
Amanda & Monika


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