Episode 72: Geek Interview: Literally Surrounded by Dudes with ZiggySera

What do you get when you take the essence of pure positivity and combine it with wit, realness, and talent? You get the awesome being that is Ziggy! Ziggy is the co-co-co-host of 1600 Dust, a Hearthstone podcast, who brings us a totally unique viewpoint as a girl gamer literally surrounded by dudes.

After first regaling us with the best story that starts with Ziggy’s life goal of wanting nothing more, and nothing less, than becoming Mickey Mouse, you can already sense the positivity that exudes out of this woman.

Hosting a successful podcast with three guys has been one of the best things to happen to Ziggy. She gives us all the deets about how she started streaming Hearthstone on Twitch, got invited on 1600 Dust, started her Twitter account, and met the love of her life, Spyvey from 1600 Dust, kinda all at once.

The internet, and Twitter in particular, has brougt so much joy and positivity to Ziggy and YES that’s EXACTLY what she wants to give back. If you’ve ever been on her Twitter feed, you know it’s all about finding the good and sharing the positive side of everything life throws her way….. because life has a way of throwing EVERYTHING into Ziggy’s road.

Ziggy shares her experiences of being surrounded by guys in her gaming life. She’s had nothing but a good time, never feeling the discrimination that so many women face every day in the geeksphere. Whether this is because Ziggy is just THAT AWESOME or whether it’s because she has a certain level of protection and status thanks to the 1600 Dust dudes (thanks, guys!) — but it doesn’t matter. She’s here to tell you that being open and vocal as a gamer girl can be a totally safe and ultimately FUN experience.

We finish this episode by challenging YOU, listeners, to start sharing positive things on your social media. Retweet all the good, share something positive about YOUR DAY, and do everything you can to make the online world a better and safer place.

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