Episode 50: Geek Interview: Life as a Hearthstone Pro & Not Feeding the Trolls with Pathra Cadness

Rising up the ladder, hitting Legend, topping the Badass Women of Hearthstone league, and competing weekly in the Hearthstone GrandMasters is a journey, but not one without an emotional rollercoaster. We’re joined by Pathra Cadness who’s sharing her experience as a professional eSports athlete, currently competing at the GrandMasters!

Pathra is a Thai/Kiwi Hearthstone player who started streaming on Twitch back in 2015. She quickly climbed the ladder and started making a name for herself on the Hearthstone scene. When a friend convinced her to start competing with the Badass Women of Hearthstone, she soon started topping their leagues. Of course, Blizzard noticed, and now she’s a regular feature in the Hearthstone GrandMasters, a weekly tournament run a couple times a year.

Now that Pathra has moved to Atlanta, Georgia, this competition has ramped up on another level. Because she still competes in the Asia-Pacific tournament, Pathra is waking up and competing sometimes at 4 in the morning – crazy or what!! Imagine that pressure, especially when you’re not firing on all cylinders!

In this episode, we’re talking about Pathra’s experience at the GrandMasters. It’s not easy sailing being the only woman competing at this level. She breaks down what it’s like reading the comments and Twitch chat that isn’t always (or even usually) very complimentary of her.

There’s no doubt about it, playing Hearthstone at a professional level is nerve wrecking! It’s 50% talent, 50% getting your head in the right space – and when you have harassment and trolls berating you in chat, it can definitely be challenge.

Join us as Pathra gets intimate about her experiences, how we think Twitch and the GrandMasters can be improved and moderated better, and what’s next for this Hearthstone Pro.

Be one tough cookie!

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