Episode 48: Geek Interview: Passion, Beauty, and Art with Seage

Geek feminism is about issues that affect women across geek culture… and sometimes, those issues also affect the awesome geeky dudes in our community. Today, we’re talking with Seage, an artist whose art styles mainly around drawing beautiful women in fantasy settings.

Seage shares what it’s like for him to be an artist online. Some of his experiences may surprise you, especially the disappointment some of his followers feel and tell him about when they find out that Seage is actually a dude. He also gives us some insight into what his thought process was when considering drawing erotic art and why, ultimately, he decided not to pursue this.

We also talk about Seage’s other passion: Electric Unicycle riding.

Yes, really!

Seage has recently started using one of these crazy awesome contraptions to get around the busy city of Toronto. He’s also joined a local EU club so they can go on day trips together. Seage is passionate about getting more representation into this community and is actively encouraging women from Toronto and the surrounding area to join the club and learn more.

What will you get out of this awesome interview with Seage? You might actually get a bit of a reality check. Do you need a boot in the ass to get you working on what you’re truly passionate about?

Because like Seage says, you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so why are you afraid of doing what you love? Spend all of your days creating what you’re passionate about.

Happiness over misery. Joy over sadness. And passion over depression.


Mortality shouldn’t hold you back from doing things that you might be interested in doing.

  • Seage

Anything can happen so why stop yourself from doing something that you might be passionate about.

  • Seage

It wasn’t the praise that I was interested in, it was the fact that they seemed so happy, so I kept on drawing stuff.

  • Seage

Seage’s Video “Brothers”

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