Episode 121: Geek Interview: Loving the Skin You’re in with Frank the Pegasus

Loving the skin you’re in doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it comes with daily affirmations, doing things for yourself, and accepting that somedays, body neutrality is the place you’ll be in that day. FrankthePegasus joins us for this intimate, inspiring, and hilarious episode about body positivity.

About Frank the Pegasus

Frank the Pegasus is a full-time content creator on Twitch and YouTube. She focuses on on sex positivity, body acceptance, and mental health advocacy! She’s been streaming for almost 5 years, is super queer, and is a big lover of simulation and collection games.

Fank and Monika geek out for a really long time about birds and plants. It’s incredible. You’re welcome.

Geeking about about loving ourselves is so cool, honestly. We talked about the importance of doing things for YOU, that light YOU up and make YOU feel good – like seriously, friends, when’s the last time you prioritised YOURSELF!? Tell us the truth!

How absolutely sick are you of those bullshit fatphobic stereotypes we get from the media? Because we’re furious about them. It’s exhausting watching fat bodies be protrayed as evil, lazy, unkempt and unclean, and a whole host of other stereotypes. We can do better than this.

Frank’s best advice? Take care of yourself because you love yourself!!! It seems like such a simple concept, but we all know it’s easier said than done. What do you do for yourself just to show you that you love you? That’s a lot of yous but we really wanna know!

A huuuuge topic of discussion here is removing the value you give to society from the way you look. You are more than your looks, you’re more than your body, you’re more than face. You don’t owe society or anyone for that matter anything. And your value is NOT ABOUT how you look. We promise you that!

Have you ever practiced Positive Body Affirmations? Frank says they’re one of her daily rituals to remind herself how much she loves the skin she’s in. If a positive body affirmation seems too far for you, what about a neutral statement – Frank recommends “I have arms” and we love that!

We’d also like to remind you to surround yourself with bodies of all shapes and sizes. This is especially important right now, when we’re all living our existence online. Curate your social media feeds, especially the visual based ones like Intsa, to have more body types on there. We read a study once that asked you to scroll through your Insta feed and to count how many posts you passed before you found a body that didn’t look like you. If it’s more than 10, your feed is simply not diverse enough! Have you ever done an experiment like this? It’s a LIFE. CHANGER. Please do it!

Frank also wants you to do the things that make your internet experience better. That’s not only curating your feed, but it’s also choosing not to go on any triggering sites, removing toxic people and words from your timelines and follow lists, and making a point to create a positive environment for yourself.

But what about those days on stream when you just don’t feel like showing your face? Let’s normalise not being on camera. Women are under so much pressure to look a certain way in order to succeed on Twitch, but honestly – why? Like, we don’t owe you pretty. We also don’t owe you our face all the time. If we’re not feeling it, we’re just gonna have that camera turned off.

We also talk about the importance of body neutrality, which is sooooooooooo gooooooood and something we need to talk about more – it doesn’t always have to body positive!! Plus the dangers of SnapChat (for example) filters that completely change the way you look.

And most importantly? PLEASE be GENTLE with yourself. You are so, so loved and so valued.

What helps you on your bad days? Why on your good days do you feel good?


“If you’re listening to this and the only reason you play games is to enjoy a game, that’s a good enough reason to play a game.”

“If your feed is lacking fat bodies, it’s hard for you to normalise fat bodies. Get more fat bodies on your feed.”

“All I want to do is accept the body that I’m in and accept it as the meat sack that is carrying me through my life.”

“Even if you don’t love yourself, you are loved. Sometimes putting confidence in somebody else’s love of you is the thing that helps you get through that day. You love them and you trust them, so they can’t be wrong.”

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