Episode 178: Geek Interview: The Power of Charity Streamers with Jay from War Child UK

Charity Twitch streamers have such a positive impact! In fact, it’s such a good avenue for charities to explore, many charities have opted to hire folks to liaise directly with streamers for huge fundraising campaigns.

We’re joined by Jay, a charity Twitch streamer, content creator, and Gaming Partnerships Executive for War Child UK. They talk about their experiences raising money on Twitch, making a difference with War Child UK, and all about War Child UK’s charitable contribution to this world.

This is an excellent, super inspiring episode that we definitely hope you love as much as we did recording it!

About Jay
Jay (he/they) is a queer, neurodiverse, and salty content creator and charity-fundraising-gremlin from War Child UK. They are also a member of the fundraising team Cosmic Heart. Jay has been making content on Twitch for three years, and has been a fundraiser their whole adult life. Jay is just an absolutely massive nerd.
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Special Guest: Jay

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