Episode 87: Geek Interview: An Insight into Second Wave Feminism with Professor Taliep

We had the immense pleasure of chatting with Professor Taliep about growing up in the 50s and getting involved in the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s. This episode is epic and we hope you enjoy it!

Taliep is co-host of The Halfhill Report, a fictional World of Warcraft podcast. She started gaming later in life and credits her love of Warcraft to her co-host, Toshmifune. Taliep is a fully fledged and super proud geek – and she’s also one of the most wonderful women we’ve had the chance to chat with!

Why poodles are the best dogs ever – Moni and Taliep definitely talk about this for like, 5 whole minutes. And it’s the conversation you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Taliep chats with us about what it life was like growing up in the 1950s. Like most women at the time, she was married young and had her first baby before she turned 19. Such a different culture to the one we grew up in!!

But Taliep didn’t stay in her marriage. She talks about how The Feminist Mystique, a novel by Betty Friedan, opened her up to the possibilities of more freedom for women.

Yes – you guessed it!

Professor Taliep went full on into the feminist movement, marching, creating change, and even burning her bras in the 60s and 70s! What an absolute hero of a role model, right!?

Some of the big topics we cover in this episode are whether race or gender was the original oppression (what do you think!?), that women’s relationships with themselves and with men are not changing and what we can do about this, the importance of role models and actually talking about feminism and progress, and how we NEED to plant seeds for future growth.

Taliep is passionate about how technology has fuelled the feminist movement. In fact, this was her focus as a sociology professor. She shares what it was like to teach about feminism to generations of college students by leading through through a maze to come to the best conclusions themselves.

One thing we all agree on is how amazing and progressive the dudes in Dragon Powered Studio are. We’re so lucky to have such wonderful men in our community who inspire us – and hopefully other men out there. We all know it’s not just up to women to fuel the feminist movement – it’s men, too, who need to take up the mantle of change.

This was a SUPER quotable episode. Guess because Professor Taliep is so good at what she does! So make sure you listen to this whole ep, because it is literal fire, and check out these rockin’ quotes, too:


“We really had to discover ourselves before we reached out to other people.”
“Its the kids who are growing up now that will make the changes we need.”
“I think there’s a lot of men out there who just don’t realise what women’s lives are like.”
“We changed our own lives, but we also changed the conversations in society. We changed the framework.”
“We were finding ourselves, you’re finding each other.”
“If we were taking care of the planet the way we should be taking care of the planet, then I am 100% optimistic about the future.”
“Have faith, have patience, don’t give up.”
“I learned I didn’t need a man to take care of me. I could do it myself.”

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