Episode 92: Geek Discussion: All Hail the Scream Queens with Michael from AllHallowScream

The leading ladies of horror have developed quite the reputation of being strong, independed, badass, and, usually, ALIVE by the end of the journey they’re on! We’re joined by horror expert and host of AllHallowScream Podcast, Michael Skarzynske, to preach it out to the Scream Queens we know and love!

About Our Guest

Michael Skarzynske is the host of brand new podcast, AllHallowScream, and the co-host of Two Nerds, Maybe More. You may know him from other podcasts such as Nerd This (RIP but thanks for the inspiration to start Geek Herring) and The Blue Recluse.

Mike is an absolute horror fanatic! So we knew we HAD to have him on Geek Herring to chat about how horror is actually a pretty damn feminist genre!

Not only do we talk about our favourite Scream Queens, we talk about the trope that the leading women in horror movies tend to be the most badass.

We want to know – what do you love about horror movies? Hate? Maybe you’re too scared to even pop The Ring in your VCR in case she comes crawling out of your TV at you.

Honestly, SAME.

This was such an enjoyable chat and one that you really need to hear in order to fall in love with all things horror and all things Mike!

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