Episode 123: Geek Girl in the News: Montero & Lil Nas X, Sarah Everard, and Trans Rights

Geek Girl in the News looks at the awesome or not so awesome news that will make you go either: “YAY” or “OMG I can’t believe that.”

The latest and greatest geek girl news from March 2021 covers the kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard, Police Brutality, the Vatican’s archaic stance on same-sex marriage, Lil Nas X and his new music video, Montero, the NCAA’s ridiculous weight rooms, Peer2Peer.Live – thanks Trans Lifeline!!, SonicFox repping Trans Rights at eSports tournament, Sesame Streets newest Black muppets talking about anti-racism, and Star Wars teases us with Obi-Wan Kenobi news!

** Before we go further, we have a content warnings with timestamps. **

*Sexual Abuse, Assault, Violence, Murder and Police Brutality 6:31 – 17:00 *

Like every other person on this planet should be, we are both absolutely outraged and appalled at what happened in the UK at the beginning of March. We started the week off with International Women’s Day, but quickly the week soured.

Sarah Everard was kidnapped and murdered. By: A POLICE OFFICER. Yep. Wish we could say we’re shocked but….

This has obviously spared a renewed sharing of the #MeToo movement, sharing our own stories of sexual abuse and assault, and even more incredulity of the actual audacity of men.

But that’s not all! A vigil being held in Sarah’s honour was condemned by Home Secretary Priti Patel ? – but when, of course, it went ahead anyways, what happened? YOU GUESS IT. Police brutality. A peaceful vigil for a woman kidnapped and murdered…. turned into a storm of violence.

Honestly, all cops are bastards. And we fucking mean that. It’s a systemic and systematic problem that needsd to be dismantled from the outside, yes, but even more from the inside.

We also talk about the Vatican’s assinine and disgusting assertation that same-sex relationships are sin. Tired of this. Let’s move on, thanks.

Grateful for Lil Nas X being fucking unreal with his new music video for Montero. If you haven’t seen it – stop what you’re doing and watch it right now thank you very much. This video is transcendant. And we need more Lil Nas X all the fucking time.

Next up – NCAA’s royal fuuuuuck up. It’s a big and honestly totally avoidable bout of sexism. Let’s do better, mmkay?

We’re APPLAUDING Trans Lifeline for stepping up and creating Peer2Peer to bring gender identity, race, religion, and disability tags to Twitch — doing in seemingly no time what Twitch is just refusing to do. Kudos and THANK YOU Trans Lifeline!

Other stories this month: SonicFox’s stands for trans rights at Mortal Kombat tournament, Sesame Street getting anti-racist, and cast releases for Obi-Wan Kenobi!

What do YOU think about these news stories? We’d love your take! Let us know in the comments of wherever you see this episode!

In this episode of Geek Girl in the News, we covered these news stories:

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