Episode 86: Geek Discussion: Twitch and #MeToo with BiggusBennus!

It’s not every day that you get to hang out with one of Twitch’s loveliest partners on your podcast, but here we are with the one and only BiggusBennus! He joins us to talk about his recent Twitch accomplishments and the recent outpouring of sexual abuse reports on the streaming platform.

Not sure who BiggusBennus is? Well, you are in for a treat!

Ben is a UK based streamer who mainly plays Animal Crossing. He hosts regular game shows, including Blind Date, Snitch Game, Come Isle With Me, and Family Fortunes (which we had the pleasure of being on!). He’s fresh off 100 days IN A ROW of streaming live on Twitch, just raised over £8k for The Trevor Project, and recently made Twitch Partner.

When we say this guy is amazing, like, legit. Ok? Okay.

We learn all the background of who Ben is, why he games, and how he’s curated one of the most wonderful and welcoming communities on Twitch. There’s something to be said for building such a loyal following – it’s all in the personality. And for Ben, that’s some Family Friendly (snort) content heavily layered in innuendo — of which there is plenty in this episode, y’all!

Then Ben throws us a curveball and, instead of this being an interview, we head into discussion territory. We think we recovered from the wine-induced surprise great, though, and got deep into the #MeToo conversation.

There has been an outpouring of sexual abuse allegations from women, and some men, on Twitch, naming abusers – many of whom are Twitch Partners themselves. Ben shares his thoughts on this, but the biggest takeaway from all sides –

We believe that, yes, what’s been going on over Twitch is horrendous. We always stand with and believe the victims in these situations. And we’re all hopeful that these accusations and the current #MeToo movement will help make Twitch a safer space for everyone.

What do you think?

Thanks so much, Ben, for sharing your views and all the laughs with us!

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