Episode 174: Geek Girl in the News: Abuse at GDC, Filibustering for Trans Rights, & Illegal Street Harassment in the UK

Geek Girl in the News looks at the awesome or not so awesome news that will make you go either: “YAY” or “OMG I can’t believe that.” 

The latest and greatest geek girl news from March 2023 covers the abuse allegations and drink spiking that took place during March’s GDC, a better response from Resolve Esports about transphobic hate comments their athletes received, the absolute awe we all feel about Senator Cavanaugh filibustering from Trans Rights, the great news from the UK that street harassment will soon be illegal, that the 90s are coming back with the 30 year reunion of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Netflix, Daniel Radcliffe is gonna be a dad, and Bonnie Wright is starting an environmental TV show!

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In this episode of Geek Girl in the News, we covered these news stories:
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