Episode 125: Geek Girl Reviews It’s a Sin: The Heartbreaking Reality of the AIDS Crisis

The E4 drama It’s a Sin is a wonderful and heartbreaking series following a group of gay men living through the height of the AIDS crisis in London. It’s a hard watch, for sure, but it’s one we think everyone should watch. It’s NECESSARY to be aware about what happened to an entire group of people – almost mostly in secret.

We went into this knowing it would be sad, but it broke us. WOW. What a show.

** Spoiler Warning ** This whole episode is FULL of spoilers.

We talk about our own experiences as young girls living through this period of time ourselves. Of course, we were so far removed from the realities of what was going on. The death, the grief, the loss, and the sheer fact that no one that could do anything about it fucking cared.

The series stars 5 gay men in London and Jill – the star of the show. Jill is precious and thrown into a life-changing situation that causes her to care for her friends while learning everything she can about AIDS.

The portrayal of STIGMA is so powerful and shocking in It’s a Sin. Like this is reality. People didn’t know why gay men were dying. They didn’t know HOW they were dying. And no one knew how the disease was spread.

We didn’t know.

This show does such a wonderful job of showing and embracing the love and vibrancy of life. Through trauma, through secrecy, through illness.

Of course, it’s not perfect and it doesn’t cover every aspect of this period in time. But It’s a Sin does one hell of a job of portraying what reality was like in the 80s and 90s. Hearbreak. Hope. Death. Friendship. Love. Sex. Wow.

The level of shame and embarassment portrayed, as well. Feeling like you have to hide who you are from the people you love is just horrible. The show really gives great insight into the reality of gay life. It’s sad.

Also, we STAN Colin’s Mom. She’s LEGIT.

This whole show is sad. This whole show is incredible. This whole show is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL WATCHING.

Bring tissues.


** Watch It’s a Sin Here **

Learn more about the National AIDS Trust

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